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Faro Annie Sullivan
Dirty Girl Clayworks
5321 Old West Saanich Rd.
Victoria BC V9E 2A9

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I specialize in slipware to produce pieces that one can use to celebrate the everyday moments as well as unique occasions. My work is informed by historical slipware, with contemporary twists. I use bright, fun colours which reflect my belief that playfulness is an integral part of life.

I have a love of words, both oral and printed. I find that the slip wants to be written on and into, carved and layered. Text and simple, silhouette style stencils are the basis of my surface decoration. With this simple base I use printmaking techniques and inspiration from graphic novels, family photos, poetry, politics, and children’s books to tell stories on clay.

My studio and gallery, Dirty Girl Clayworks are located on the Saanich Peninsula, just outside Victoria BC.

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