Holly McKeen

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Greendale Pottery & Country Guest House
42245 South Sumas Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 4W3

Holly McKeen

I am fortunate to live in the peaceful setting of our 14 acre farm in the Fraser Valley where I work each day in my studio surrounded by beautiful and inspiring views. My family is always close by, encouraging and supportive, bringing joy into my studio and my heart. I enjoy making good functional stoneware pots for daily use, and am fortunate to get to meet the folks who will put them to the test!

I also discovered crystalline glazes several years ago and have pursued the quest for beautiful, colorful crystals with tenacity and perseverance ever since. Once able to coax amazing zinc-silicate crystals from the firing, I grew more and more entranced with pushing the limits and trying new techniques. I continue to work on classic yet simple forms well-suited to my crystalline glazes, while maintaining a distinctly different feel from the more contemporary design elements of my functional ware.

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