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Judy Weeden
125 Primrose Lane,
Saltspring Island,
BC V8K 1C1
Phone: (250) 537-5403

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More than 35 years ago, I left an academic career in biology to immerse my hands and head in the making of pots, first in Fairbanks, Alaska and now on Saltspring Island, B.C. My first teachers and mentors were steeped in the Bauhaus tradition, but most of my understanding of clay as an artist's medium has come from the mistakes, failures, hopes and successes the willful clay throws our way. Early in my potting career my work was wheel-thrown functional ware. Presently I am incorporating a broad range of forming methods such as slab assembly, slump and hump molding, throwing and altering, slip-casting, whatever it takes to achieve the forms I want. My pieces are still based on a vessel format and for the most part are meant for household use. Surface decoration with geometric and figurative patterns is achieved by slip-carving or impressing the malleable clay. Some forms require only a simple glaze. No two pots are ever alike. I hope my work speaks for itself with independence and fearless honesty. In 2006 one of my teapots was selected for a Niche Award in the hand-built category.

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