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Linda Doherty
Burnaby B.C. Canada

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After my education in pottery, I spent nine years (1975-1984) working with the Burnaby Potters Guild and also taught pottery classes at the Burnaby Art Centre at the end of that period. Moving to Langley, B.C. in January 1983, I began building my own kiln and studio. Through my business, Southpaw Studios Ltd., I produced work for distributors, wholesalers and retailers in British Columbia and across Canada until 1992. I have continued my pottery education by attending various classes, workshops and seminars over the past 30 years. My keen interest in expanding my knowledge of pottery has also taken me to Peru, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, France, India, Italy, Turkey, Australia and other countries during this time. In 2003 I built a new studio in the cattle ranching country of the interior of British Columbia at Stump Lake. I now divide my time between producing my own work at Stump Lake and working and teaching at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Vancouver B.C. where I have been employed since 1994.

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