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Earthen Vessels Pottery
3929 Raymond St. S.
Victoria, B.C. V8Z 4K7

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My intention is to make life-affirming objects that bring delight and become an intimate part of daily rituals. As well as functional work, I cherish meditative times making decorative vessels, which I hand-burnish, carve, and fire by ancient methods of Pit-Fire or 'Horsehair' (using a Raku kiln) - letting the flames & smoke work their magic.

I started making pottery when my children were small, taking evening classes and workshops. An interest in geology leads to my ongoing fascination with how raw materials (basically rocks) can be manipulated to produce luxurious glazes. For over 10 years I’ve enjoyed active participation in the Garden City Potters group and the South Vancouver Island Potters Guild (past president).

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