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Jan Lovewell
Rare Earth Pottery
9644 Quarry Place, Lund, BC
V0N 2G0

Rare Earth Pottery

With my husband, Ron Robb, I have a studio/gallery in the coastal village of Lund, BC. For many years, starting in 1994, all of my pottery was raku fired in our small gas-fired kiln. Unable to make tableware with this method, I began making shakers, figurative jars and masks. Rather than apply glaze, I burnished these for a smooth, satin surface, inviting to touch. I began making naked raku (unglazed black and white) pieces in 2008. I enjoy exploring new designs for the jars, shakers and bowls.

In 2007, Ron and I began collaborating with Pia Sillem and Jinny Whitehead to build a 70 cu foot wood-fired train kiln at Pia’s home in Earl’s Cove on the Sunshine Coast. Our first firing was in January, 2009. On average, we fire the kiln twice a year: taking a day to load followed by about 52 hours of continuous stoking, consuming about 2½ cords of wood. During the long, hot hours of stoking, flames flow around the pots, depositing ash, which melts and fuses with the clay to create the colorful, lively, organic surfaces sought by wood-firing enthusiasts.

My work has been exhibited, published and collected internationally.

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