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Sheila Jahraus first discovered pottery while attending Red Deer College in Alberta. From the beginning what interested her most about pottery was that pottery is both art, craft, and science.

“My recent body of work uses red clays, fired in electric kiln and uses glaze and stains to make pieces that express something about how I feel about the nature experience."

"The arbutus tree sheds its bark and blossoms fall, petals and pieces once part of a whole. There is a lush green that is persistent through the year. I like the perspective of looking past object to empty space. This is the sort of images I am thinking about in my use of these specific colors and clay. These images make me feel like I should be sitting in a garden, or out in nature somewhere having a cup of coffee saying to myself …hmmm this just sitting in a garden having this cup of coffee is pretty beautiful."

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