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Susan Marczac
Vancouver, BC

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My functional ceramic work is guided by the principle that utility does not need to be synonymous with ubiquity.
Each of my pieces is a unique model, pushed to the edge of form and balancing on the point where design and aesthetic meets function and humour.
Although they may not be imbued with a narrative per se, each piece has a distinct personality.
The works are fired at temperatures ranging from 1200 - 1260 degrees centigrade and are microwave and dishwasher safe.
When I create sculptural pieces, they are informed by the inherent plasticity of the clay as well as a desire to communicate a thought.
A concept is simply a starting point, to be brought to realization by the collaboration of the artist with the medium, but ultimately, the idea must be conveyed for the piece to have meaning, and the technical issues are the means to an end.

original design by Mireille Dijks and Jasna Sokolovic/revised 2009 by Linda Lewis and Don Jung