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Phone #: 604-737-2636
Studio 410, 1000 Parker St. Kitsilano, Vancouver

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As a child I studied dance, Hollywood musicals, film noire and Rembrandt. As an adult, I’ve been seduced by the spontaneous, sensuous, intellectual activity of working with clay, and colour.

I see my imagery as a marriage of my childhood and adult influences. The figure dominates my work as I endeavour to create archetypal icons - embracing the ancient power of Queen Nefertitti with the song ‘n dance spirit of Carmen Miranda.

I long to merge the power of Nefertiti with the spirit of Carmen Miranda.

Currently, the paintings on my pottery and canvases are inspired by the images I create as sculptures; the sculptures are often carrying my vessels.

Recent Highlights:

• 2017 (since 2009): “Mia Muse”, instructing hands on figurative ceramics workshop and exhibit on Skopelos – Greek Island Paradise!

• 2016: Westender Cover story for Culture Crawl @ 1000 Parker St

• 2016: Representation with the Nevica Project, Chicago

• 2014: Ceramic Slippers commissioned for “Tap Grace Awards”

• 2014-2012: Outsider Art exhibits in south of France & Spain

• 2010: Ceramic Art and Perception #80: “Return to the muses of Greece”

• 2009: “My DeLovely Fever” solo exhibit and
Tap dance film
“Motion Pitchers” commissioned for 2009 Academy Awards swag bags.

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