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email:Teresa Newnes

Box 492
Canoe, B.C.
V0E 1K0

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I have always been intrigued with clay. I began to really play with it in 1996. The first piece I made, I carved. Since then, I have learned to make whistles, games, various sculptures and tiles. I have shared it with our local school children for 10 + years.
I believe true art is simply judged as being something that moves us inside both in making it and in looking at it. Of course with passion one can proceed without boundaries. I am a beginner with using the wheel and a perpetual student with clay. Recently my passion is to create functional original carved tile art in the form of backsplashes etc. To date I have completed 3 kitchens and 1 bathroom backsplash as well as a restaurant mural. I look forward to more public murals and to expand my portfolio to new settings like fireplaces, showers, fountains etc.

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