Vincent Fe

Vincent Fe
Vincent Fe
Dirty Dragon Studio
2066 Maple Ave S.
Sooke, BC
V9Z 0N8

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As a child Vincent sculpted with plasticene and drew pictures of fantastic creatures and monsters eating each other. In a high school art class he was given free use of clay and access to a kiln, and now the creatures could become permanent. Clay has been his favourite ever since.

While Vincent was living on Salt Spring Island he became friends with ocarina makers who let him use their kiln. Not long after, his candle dragons made their first appearance at the Saturday Market, and a pursuit of a life with clay began.

Most recently calling Sooke, BC his home, you can find his Dirty Dragon Studio down the driveway and past the garden. Here Vincent makes one of a kind pieces for art shows, markets, galleries, gift shops and online sales.

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